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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Difference Method Wifi Security WEP and WPA

Various kinds of research on WEP has been done and the conclusion that even though a wireless network protected by WEP, hackers can still break in.. A hacker who has a makeshift wireless equipment and software tools used to collect and analyze enough data, can know the encryption key used. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is no longer able to be relied on to provide a wireless connection (wireless) safe from nosy people act or want to take advantage of what we have-known by the jargon hackers. Not long after the development process of WEP, the fragility of the cryptography aspects emerge.

See the weakness which is owned by WEP, has developed a new security technique called WPA (WiFi Protected Access). WPA technique is a model compatible with the IEEE 802.11i draft standard specification. This technique has several objectives in the design are: solid, interoperates, can be used to replace WEP, can be implemented at home or corporate users, and available to the public as quickly as possible. Technique was established to provide development WPA data encryption WEP is a weak point, and provides user authentication that seems lost on the development concept of WEP.

WPA was designed to replace WEP security method, which uses static security key, using TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) which can be dynamically changed after 10,000 data packets transmitted. TKIP protocol will take the primary key as a starting point which later changed regularly so there is no encryption key is used twice. Background process is automatically carried out without being noticed by the user. With the encryption key to regenerate approximately every five minutes, a WiFi network that uses WPA has been slowing hackers who try to make cracking the key earlier.

Although using the standard 64 and 128 bit encryption such as WEP technology owned, TKIP making WPA become more effective as an encryption mechanism. But the problem complained decreased throughput wireless network do not see an answer, because problems associated with throughput is dependent on the hardware you have, the more specific is the chipset used. The assumption at this time if the throughput reduction occurred in the implementation of WEP, the rate of decline will be much greater if the WPA and TKIP implemented although some products claim that the reduction in throughput has been resolved, certainly with a greater use of the chipset capabilities and capacity.
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