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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Computer Basic

Computer Basic
Easy Learn Computer will discuss about computers ranging from the most basic. Before going on to further yahap is useful to know the basic computer first. In this case the basic knowledge to be learned about the introduction of Hardware and Software. 

Computer hardware can be divided into several parts :

     CPU (Central Processing Unit)
     Input Device
     Output Devices
     Storage Device

CPU (Central Processing Unit)
The CPU is the most important part of a computer. In it there is a lot of hardware to connect and work processes input devices and send the results to the Output Device. CPU Unit consists of: main board, processor, RAM / Memory, Power Supply, Input / Output Controller, Display Controller, Multimedia Controller, Network Controller.
  • Main board
Main board serves to put the whole device controllers. Including Processor, RAM, Power Supply, I / O Controller, Display Controller and all the equipment is placed in the socket provided by the main board. Manufacturer Main board: Asus P5Series, AMPTRON, Compaq, Chip PC, Gigabyte, ECS, Dell, IBM
  • Processor
Processor is the brain of the computer, such as the human brain in all commands and command results in the process by the Processor. The processor is a chip that is often called "Microprocessor" which is now the size has reached Gigahertz (GHz). The measure is a matter of the speed of the processor to process data or information. Part of Processors the most important part of the processor that is divided into three: Arithmetic’s Logical Unit (ALU) Control Unit (CU) Memory Unit (MU) The more velocity and higher processor technology, the better the performance of the computer.
Interface = Socket 370 (P-3), Socket 478 (P-4), Socket A / B (AMD), PGA 778 (Dual Core and up) For example, Intel P1, P2, P3, P4, Dual Core, AMD Duron, Athlon, etc. 
Manufacturers processors are widely circulated in the market are AMD, Apple, VIA Cyrix, IBM, IDT, and Intel.
  • RAM / Memory
Random Access Memory file storage program executed by the computer functions. The greater the capacity, the more closely the process as well. My experience with the system Windows XP CPU will be very responsive to 2:00 GHz with 512MB RAM. 
Type / Interface = EDO (oldest), SDRAM, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 (newest, fastest, cheapest)
  • Power Supply
Power Supply serves as the resources used to use all the tools available on the computer. Recommendations When Power Supply for your computer is one that has great power, better computer power advantages. 
Pin Type: 12 Pin Interface (old type), 20 Pin ATX, ATX 20 Pin + 4 Pin, ATX 24 Pin + 4 Pin (Latest)
  •  I / O Controller
Controller to manage devices connected to the I / O ports (Port Serial, PS2, LPT). Examples of devices that connect to the PS2 Mouse, Keyboard P2, Printer LPT.
Interface = ISA, PCI
  • IDE controller and SCSI Controller
The controller is to manage the performance of the devices connected to the IDE or SCSI port. The tools are used to connect hard drives, floppy disks, CD Rom.
Interface = ISA, PCI
  • Display Controller
Display Controller to produce a display to a monitor or TV. There are two types of the first on board, both are often called VGA Card. VGA has its own RAM larger capacity, greater RAM then the display on the monitor will be more subtle. VGA Card also serves to reduce load performance RAM / Memory on the use of certain 3D games, 3D video, and programs that require high-resolution graphics. 
Example RAM VGA: 16, 32, 64, 128, 224, 256, 512, 1G. 
Interface = ISA (Old Type), PCI (Old Type), AGP, PCI-Express (New) 
Manufacturer VGA: Nvidia, S3 Trio, SIS, ATI Rage Series, etc.
  • Multimedia Controller
Multimedia Controller for producing sound often called a Sound Card (Sound). Sound Card Technology Today technology developed to support 3D Surround 5.1 (mean 5 speakers with 1 Central as Base 6 Channel). 
Manufacturer: Realtek, CMedia, ESS, Creative Sound Blaster. Interface = ISA, PCI
  • Network Controller / Network Adapter / LAN Card
Network Controller / Network Adapter / LAN Card are used as a port that connects two or more computers. Usually used for Chat, File Transfer, Database Programs, internet access (if using a modem), Multi Player Games, etc. 
Interface = ISA, PCI

Device used to enter commands.
  • Keyboard
This tool is to include input ASCII characters to be translated so that the system will generate an order.
Port Interface = Serial / PS2 / USB
  • Mouse
This tool is a pointing device (pointer) that will help to access the computer.
Port Interface = Serial / PS2 / USB
  • Scanner
This tool will convert real image into Image File (File Photo)
Port Interface = LPT / USB
  • Joystick
This tool as a game controller.
Port Interface = LPT / USB

Output Devices
That tool works issued the results of a command input device.
  • Monitor
To display the results of the CPU.
  • Printer
As a means of printed documents. 1. Laser printers, this printer to print quality documents the approach documents have been processed in a computer. 2. Ink-jet printers, laser printers compared to New Media, the initial cost of the printer type more efficiently. 3. Dot matrix printer, this being the most preferred type ON PC era. In this type of printer, the image produced by a collection of the check point spread short distances so it looks uneven. 4. Plotter, printers use a pen set to make World Prints related engineering or architecture. 
Manufacturer : Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Apollo, etc. Port Interface = LPT, USB
  • Speaker 
As the sound output device. We can also use earphones.

Storage Device
That the tool serves as a place to store data in a file.
  • Fixed Hard disk / Hard Disk 
Chasing placed inside the CPU, is used to store files in a very large capacity. At present, the production capacity of hard disk storage has reached more than 512 GB. 
1KB = 1024 B 
1MB = 1024 KB 
1GB = 1024 MB 
For example, file documents / letters usually only takes 200kb, 4MB MP3, Video CD 50MB / song, 700MB / CD full. 
Interface = IDE, SCSI, SATA Manufacturer: Samsung, Maxtor, Seagate
  • Floppy disk Drive
Floppy disk drive is the additional storage that can be moved - moved / not fixed, including the Removable disk. Since capacity is only 1.44 MB floppy disk now abandoned and turned to flash a current capacity up to 8GB, safer and maintenance free. 
Interface = floppy interface 
Manufacturer: Panasonic, Samsung
  • CD / DVD Drive
Used as a media reader CD (Compact Disk / Disk tile) or a DVD. CD / DVDRW can be used to read the CD / DVD, and burn to CD / DVD. The storage capacity of a standard 700MB CD, DVD 1 Layer 4.48 GB, 8.15 GB DVD 2 Layer. 
Interface = IDE, SCSI, SATA 
Manufacturer: Samsung, Liteon, LG, Pioneer

Other Device (Other Devices)
  • Flash Disk 
Flash Disk is also included in the Storage Device, floppy disk the same function, but has a large capacity and maintenance free. My experience using a floppy disk is very uncomfortable and unsafe, because it must be protected from dust, sunlight, water, magnets, etc. A common mistake because unreadable. Flash disk capacity from 512, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and growing. 
Interface: USB
  • Bluetooth Adapter 
This tool converts the digital data into a particular frequency radio signals to connect with other tools such as HP, other PCs, Bluetooth Mouse, Bluetooth Speaker, etc.
Interface: USB
  •  TV Tuner
This tool serves to convert the RF signal (TV signals) into digital signals. With this tool for watching TV on the computer is not a problem. Usually equipped with a radio. 
Interface: PCI / USB
  • External Hard Drive 
Function and capacity similar to a fixed disk / hard drive. The difference this device can be taken anywhere, because it includes the Removable Disk. 
Interface: USB

Software is a program, device drivers, and files on the computer. Namely;
  • Operating System (OS)
The operating system is the software that controls the performance of the main system. In determining the OS to consider the compatibility (support for programs to third parties, as well as support for hardware), stability (Often Mistake or not), and Price Range (OS Windows XP Home Edition for dollar cost nearly 800ribu, Linux offers a free OS such as Ubuntu). 
Example OS, DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, 97, 98, 2000 Server, XP, 2003, Vista, Linux Mandrage, Linux Ubuntu, Suse Linux, etc.
  • Program Application
The application program is a supplemental program to support the performance of the computer. (Price Software Microsoft Office Word, Excel Access to 1.7 million). Example Applications, Office (Word, Excel, etc.), Winamp, Power DVD, Pascal, Application Games, etc.
  • Device Driver 
All the hardware described above will not work without a Device Driver is installed in the Operating System. For example, the printer cannot print without a Device Driver. For Exsample : Suppose we want to install a TV tuner card installed in the PCI slot. Once the computer is turned on it will be confirmation that the new hardware found and then the computer asks Device Drivers for new hardware. This could mean that the computer wants to know what the name, the function and workings of the new hardware and ask identifier wheel / in the form of software (usually included in the package tool). After we gave the driver files in the form of software, the computer will know that the name of this tool is the TV Tuner, Brand A, mounted on a PCI-X slot, and so on. However, the operating system has been equipped with many hardware-hardware drivers that are often used in PCs. If we put a new tool to the computer then the tool is ready for use, it is called Tool Compatible. Stay updated drivers so we can work optimally. For example, flash, LX-300 Printer, Monitor.

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