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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Advantages windows 10

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 was officially launched simultaneously in 190 countries, including Indonesia. The latest generation of Windows operating system which is claimed as the best Windows version in history. There are so many advantages of Windows 10 than ever before. Moreover, this comes as a free upgrade for PC and tablet users based on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 original.

The advantages of Windows 10 compared to previous versions in the claim more personal, natural, and safe to improve user productivity because in the process of making Microsoft pay attention to various user suggestions through the program Windows Insider.
Another advantage of Windows 10 is its ability to adapt to share the needs of its users including support for various technological devices including the internet of things (IoT). Here are some features of the advantages of the latest Windows 10 it has.

10 advantages of windows 10 :

1. Cortana, the personal digital assistant of Windows 10
The personal assistant digital Cortana who has been present and familiar enough in Windows Phone will be available for all devices based on Windows 10. Cortana version of Windows 10 can detect sound with more intelligent, a feature that becomes one of the advantages of this Windows 10 can facilitate user activity To do things just by doing voice commands.

Some things that can be done such as finding the required information, scheduling, providing reminders and even search for documents in the computer with only the voice command that we enter. Not only that, but Cortana also learns the preferences and habits of its users, can be ordered to play music, telling jokes to be a friend to vent like a real assistant.

2. The Return of the Start Button & Live Tiles in Windows 10
By the sharing of suggestions from users of Windows 8.1 who feel the loss of the Start button that has become the hallmark of Windows for decades, other advantage of Windows 10 is the return of the Start Menu Button like Windows 7. The presence of this Start button makes the users more and more windows Familiar with look and activity when using it.
Not only the start button but Live Tiles feature previously existed in Windows 8 is also maintained, with this feature users can instantly see the latest updates from people nearby through Live Tiles without having to bother opening the application.

3. Support Voice, pen, gesture So Excess Windows 10
Standard command input interaction via mouse or touch screen is commonly done on older versions of windows. Another advantage of Windows 10 is its ability to support user interaction more naturally because Windows 10 also supports input interaction using voice, pen and gesture body. These various inputs make Windows 10 more interactive than the previous version.

4. Microsoft Edge Come, Goodbye Internet Explorer
The presence of Windows 10 is a farewell to the classic browser windows Internet Explorer. Because Windows 10 brings the latest browser named Microsoft Edge. The main advantages of Microsoft Edge are its ability to draw, cross out, and give notes on web pages and share them directly with their fellow users.

The combination of Ask Cortana and Edge features also facilitate the search for answers by just highlighting the phrase or word you want to know, then right click, Cortana will give more details about the phrase. By enabling Microsoft Edge reading view, users can be more comfortable reading the web page or saving the page for further reading.

5. Multi-doing and virtual desktop Another advantage of Windows 10 is the ability to support multiple desktops, not just one but up to 3 desktops simultaneously in one screen. The Multi Doing feature and virtual desktop allow users of Windows 10 to view documents simultaneously and share their work at once. To move the file to some desktop view, this can also be done just by doing drag and drop command.
6. Latest Windows Store
Another advantage of Windows 10 is the presence of Windows Store. Want to download apps, games, music, and videos? Users simply access the Windows Store and can instantly find all the latest apps, music and videos. The Windows Store is a complete one-stop shopping for free and paid apps, games, movies, TV shows and music, which works on all Windows 10 devices.

All content on the Windows Store has been certified by Microsoft to ensure the security of the device. In addition to existing applications in Windows 8.1, such as Netflix, Windows Store also provides a variety of new Universal Windows applications, such as Twitter, "Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta," as well as various applications of games, business, and news portals.

7. XBOX, Built in and Office Mobile apps
The advantages of Windows 10 that can be enjoyed by the gamers that support to the Xbox. Xbox users can use any Windows 10 device to play and share game results with other gamers. Other advantages of Windows 10 also bring a variety of default applications such as Photos; Maps; Groove, music apps, movies and TV series.

For the process of sharing files in the cloud can also be done easily thanks to integrated with OneDrive. On the same day, Office Mobile Apps, consisting of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for tablets are available in Windows Store for download by Windows 10 users. Office 2016 will reportedly be released separately.

One of the advantages of Windows 10 is the facility of connectivity between devices through the Continuum feature. Simply connect a smartphone with a laptop or PC that has Windows 10 then the smartphone display will appear on the laptop or PC screen, or vice versa make the smartphone, the tablet has a display like a desktop or a laptop.

In addition to interconnection to fellow Windows 10, compatibility with various devices that have other operating systems can also be done easily using the Microsoft Phone Companion App. Users of iPhones, Android, and Windows Phone can connect and connect with all Windows 10 devices.

9. Windows Hello - Security Biometric Detection
No more need to bother entering a password. Now, for the first time, Windows 10 comes with the features of Windows Hello, a security system that makes users fast, easy and convenient sign-in to the device, by simply scanning the face or fingers. This feature of biometric security detection is an advantage over Windows 10 compared to previous versions of windows.

10. Free Upgrade Windows 10
Excess Windows 10 compared with previous versions that can be enjoyed for free by upgrading previous windows. However, this free upgrade facility can only be enjoyed only for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 original, if users of pirated version of windows, of course, will not be able to upgrade for free. Windows 10 comes with Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. Windows Home 10 version can be used by users of Windows 7 Home Basic and Home Premium, and Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. While the Windows version of Pro will be available for free to users of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Pro, and users of Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate.

For Windows users who do not have Windows 7 and Windows 8 original, can enjoy Windows 10 Home with a price tag worth USD 119 or approximately USD 1.6 million. While the pro is valued at USD 199 or equivalent to Rp 2.6 million. Meanwhile, for the upgrade version of Windows 10 Home to Pro, Microsoft set the price of USD 99 or about Rp 1.3 million. More information about upgrades, new devices, and compatibility conditions, and applications for Windows can be found at
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to Properly Use a Computer

In this modern era, using a computer is not something extraordinary anymore, you don't need to have a special education background to operate computers, with enough you can "read and write" you can already use, understand simple computer commands and operate it.

As a Novice computer user, you may find the difficulty of how to operate the computer. An operation of a computer is a fundamental step that must be mastered by beginners when learning the computer. Operate a Computer for beginners might be difficult because they're doing it. At this time the article, how do I operate the Computers will be discussed more simple for easily implemented and applied.
How to operate the computer itself consists of three stages, namely how to turn on the computer, how to operate the computer itself and how to turn off the computer. Here are some ways to operate the computer that is good and right that you can use as an additional reference.

1. Turn on your computer
Before turning on the computer, there are several things to be aware of which ensure devices such as the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and power cable in the State of the connected power supply and make sure the PC already installed the operating system. Here are the steps turn on the computer.
Press the power button on the CPU then follow by pressing the button on the monitor. Wait a few moments until the loading process of a Windows window appears, and the computer/PC is ready for use.

2. Operate a Computer
After the computer is turned on, then the next process is to operate a computer. So that you can more quickly master the computer, then use the computers to suit your needs and your goals are Learning the computer, if you are a Designer, then you can use the Design Software such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, 3D and others to be more focus on the activity of Your design, if you are a Programmer, you can use Visual Basic, C++, C #, Java, PHP and others to support your work learning objectives, and if your computer is just for typing, send E-mails, create letters and other activities that support the work of the Office, then Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) and a bit of knowledge about the internet have very powerful tool to help you lighten your work.

3. Turn off your computer
To turn off the computer (Shutdown), there are several stages to be aware of are: Close all applications you are using. Click the Start menu (XP)/Windows Logo (7) in the lower left corner. Select Shutdown and wait a few moments until your computer is completely dead. After the computer is completely dead, then press the button on the Monitor and speakers, Stabilizers and other Computer Devices. After that, unplug the cable from the stop contact. It is aimed to save power and to anticipate the occurrence of shorted the electricity. The steps above should you do in order. Turn on and turn off your computer properly and could actually extend the use of your computer. In addition to your computer will also always fresh and rarely troubled.

If you are already operating a Computer in a way that is good and right, then the next is to know Healthy Tips using a computer. Waiting on the next Computer Learning post ya. Hopefully this time the Article could be useful and could be a reference material Learning your computer.
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Android users Need to Know 4 Features Google Now

Google has announced the presence of Google Android smartphone user to Assistant outside the Pixel. But yet the full Android users can sample the capabilities of the virtual assistant.
However, Google has actually embedded the capability that is not less interesting on Google Now. Unfortunately, not all users know the capabilities of the named feature Now on Tap.

1. Translate the word
This way it is very suitable for you who reluctantly put up Google Translate on the smartphone. Through this way, you can translate the phrase directly without the need to open the application.
To do this, you only mark the words translated. After that, turn on Now on Tap at Google Now by pressing the Home button for a few seconds, and the results of direct translation will be presented.
Remember not the entire text can be marked, as in chat or social media application, you can enable this feature in a manner that is somewhat different.

Simply open a page that would like to be translated, and then turn on Now on Tap and select the icon like a finger pointing. Then, choose the word you want to be brought, and the translation result appear.

2. Access shortcuts to many applications Google Now also provides access to some main application shortcuts. While on the main page of your smartphone, you just enable Now on Tap and a shortcut to create a reminder, turn on the alarm or set the timer will appear on the screen.

3. Take screenshots more easily
The different methods used to take screenshots on Android devices is pressing the Home button and volume down simultaneously. But there's actually an easier way, namely by making use of the features in Google Now.

In this way, you only select the screen that will be taken and then turn on Now on Tap. Once open, select the Share button that appears, and the screen will be automatically taken pictures of her.

4. Know the images displayed
Other functions are also rarely known is the ability to recognize images that are displayed on the screen of a smartphone. This ability is similar to the one owned by Bixby, Samsung hosts virtual assistant.

Same as before, you just enable Now on Tap when he wanted to get to know an image on the screen of a smartphone. This capability can be used on the new pictures were taken, or that are already stored in the gallery.
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Know the Difference Windows 32bit and 64bit

Windows is the most popular operating system in World. Users are no longer due to laptops or computers using this operating system. There are many types, and types of Windows that are employed in the world and besides there is also a different system base in between this Windows.

So far two primary systems are 32 bit and 64 bit. Sometimes users do not notice the underlying Windows that is used, whether 32 bit or 64 bit. Loose for use, there is a difference between the two, and this difference will have an impact on performance. Actually, what are the differences and advantages of Windows 32 bit and 64 bit? Here is a review.

1. The amount of RAM that can be used
The amount of ram a win 32 and 64, The most fundamental difference is known by many users is the maximum amount of RAM that can be utilized. Each system has a different limitation. For Windows-based 32 bit has limitations of the smaller of RAM on a 64 bit. Windows 32 bits have a maximum usage limit is less than 4 GB of RAM (about 3.2 GB) and will work more optimal when using 1 or 2 GB of RAM. While the Windows 64 bit can be read to more than 4 GB of RAM. If on Windows 32 bit paired RAM for 4 GB then that will be read only up to 3 GB only. This is caused due to the difference in processor architecture between 32 bit and 64 bit.

2. The performance of 32 bit and 64 bit
32 and 64-bit processor, The difference in base a Windows System 32 and 64 bit is determined by the capabilities of processors. Of course if compared, 64-bit processor technology newer than on 32 bits. Windows 32 bit with 32-bit processors as well, have the ability to be under 64 bit. So the combination of Windows and processor is only suitable to do light work and open the application which is not too heavy. While the Windows 64 bit processor and suited to more substantial work such as design, video editing, etc.

3. the ability to process Data
Data proves 32 and 64 Architectural differences on Windows and 32 and 64-bit processor would certainly be very influential on the performance of the computer itself. Numbers 32 and 64 represents the actual amount of data that can be processed in one round. 32 bit means that when doing a one-time process, the data loaded is 32 bits. So in one data processing, Windows, and 64-bit processors faster and up.

4. Kompatibilatas Software
The difference is quite influential as well is the compatibility of software that can be used. Windows 32 bit will not be able to run 64-bit software. While the Windows 64 bit more freely because it can run 64 or 32-bit software.

Advantages and disadvantages of Windows 32 and 64 bit 

Benefits of Windows 32 bit: Can run older software and applications with a base of 16 bits. More compatible with older drivers. Suitable for laptops or older computers. Can work with optimal though with only 2 GB RAM

Lack of Windows 32 bit: Just a little new software compatible Cannot use more than 4 GB of RAM Cannot be used for heavy software like After Effects

Advantages of Windows 64 bit: Faster and more efficient Being able to make more optimal processor performance Can run 32-bit software Suitable for running the latest software that prioritizes graphics

Lack of Windows 64 bit: Not appropriate for older PC
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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Useful 5 features of Android is Rarely Used

Android operating system is a full OS with access customization. So from that, many are infatuated with Android smartphones compared to other operating system phones. However, do you know? Many features of Android that you do not use even though it is very useful. True, there are many useful Android features, but you rarely use them correctly. Approximately, what are the features?

1. Android Device Manager
Did you ever lose a smartphone Android you somewhere? When you lost your mobile phone knows, surely you will be very frantic and stressful. But, if you know what Android Device Manager, you must not be too freaked out.

Android Device Manager himself made to the Android operating system 5.0 and above. By using this feature, you can find where you are devices or even can delete data crucial to security.

To use it, you live to Settings Security Administrator Device > > > enable Android Device Manager.

2. User Accounts
Don't ever feel you passenger main HP same others? You may not dong can use arbitrarily, let alone wear each application. Therefore, the advantages of Android one again it is you can add more accounts to make a new profile.

Well, later in the profile in the smartphone, you can set up and install any application without the need to change the initial settings in the account before. Unfortunately, this feature is a stop on the Android operating system 5.0 only.

To use it, you to Settings > User > select Add user. Because the Wiki using the smartphone Xiaomi, then the Wiki name to Guest Mode.

3. Screen Pinning
Sucks if someone is using your smartphone and check out every single thing that exists on your mobile phone. Therefore, you should protect it by either using the features Screen Pinning. What is it?

This feature will make the inexperienced user can only open some specific applications only. In fact, Home button, Back, and Recent was not responsive. That way you can limit the users who like the fad when open-opens smartphones you.

To use it, you to the Settings Screen Pinning > > Security and turn on that feature. Next, you open the application you want to pin, continue to press the pin icon and select Recent which is in the lower right corner.

4. Smart Lock
Sometimes, as a human being, you are still worried whether the security level Android smartphone you've been excellent or not. Well, if not, you can add a level of security through hp Smart Lock.

Yes, this is an advanced security which is the default Android. You can also customize it and set up whatever is appropriate for the use of you. So, the smartphone will be more recognize the voice, place, even the body though.

To use it, you must first turn on the lock to the mode Pattern or a Password. Then, Settings the Trusted Agents > > Smart Lock is activated. For customization, Settings > Smart Lock.

5. Notification Priority
For you who already updates or have a smartphone with Android operating system 6.0 Marshmallows, you will more freely again tinker with Android phones. This is because Google already provides more features and one of them is the Notification Priority.

What is it? When you get a notification of a particular application, then the notification priority by being in the top positions. So, you don't need to scroll the notification window to search for it.

To use it, you to Settings > Apps > select one application > select Notifications > enable Priority.

It's her five features Android is rarely used but in fact is very useful for you. Are you already using any of the features of Android smartphone on top?
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Monday, May 1, 2017

iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 edge

Various vendors have their flagship products respectively. However, brands in the world whose name always is called Apple and Samsung. Their products are well known until now is the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Although there are already Samsung Galaxy S8, still an Edge of S7 Prima Donna among devotees of gadgets. Therefore, if both are in Buffalo, who would win?

Samsung Galaxy S7 iPhone Edge and 7 Plus is a smartphone that is intended for the upper class. This flagship Smartphone has a lot of advantages, both regarding performance as well as design. So, take a look at the comparison below:

Design and the display
 Regarding materials, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge indeed impressed more luxurious. Because, with a comprehensive wrap of the glass to the rear, making the S7 Edge had quite superior advantages compared with other flagship smartphones.

iPhone 7 Plus does not want to lose. Coated with metal quality, the luxurious impression also tasted once. On the design side, because it uses glass materials up to the rear, this makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge slippery when gripped and iPhone 7 Plus superior comfort from the side.

On the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is far superior. For Samsung bold 2560 x 1440 resolution dunked pixels, this makes it much more sharply. In fact, its screen design is also much better than iPhone 7 Plus.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7 spec iPhone Edge and 7 Plus two phones that immerse the best in class hardware. However, the very individual differences are all on Android and iOS who each give the best performance in its class.

In the specs, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is indeed far superior to, either from the processor to the RAM capacity. However, it turns out, after seeing the results of a comparative benchmark AnTuTu, perhaps you will shock.

iPhone 7 Plus is the first Apple product that is pinned in the back dual camera with 12MP size. So, it's obvious from the side of the camera, iPhone 7 Plus is superior in comparison of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But, from the side of the diaphragm, S7 Edge is still better.

For the future, iPhone 7 Plus also remains still Excel regarding the size of the megapixel. The reason, iPhone 7 Plus sizes 7MP and S7 Edge only 5MP. Back again, from the side of the diaphragm, S7 Edge still excels with f/1.7. So, if in low light conditions, S7 Edge can still be photographed well.

Regarding battery life, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge of the iPhone wins hands down 7 Plus. Because of the capacity of the S7 's own Edge of 3600mAh. Whereas, iPhone 7 Plus 2900mAh batteries only have.

On the part of apple storage internal 32 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, while Samsung provides an internal 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB. But for the Apple does not provide external memory while Samsung may increase the maximum external memory up to 256 GB

Samsung 4 GB of supported and to Apple only 3 GB

As one of the flagship smartphone, Apple iPhone 7 Plus it's far superior to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. If you are concerned with performance based on benchmarks, then select iPhone 7 Plus. If you want to design the anti-mainstream smartphone, then select S7 Edge.
Two smartphones on top of it are proven there is nothing geeky, all the best-in-class smartphone.
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