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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Android users Need to Know 4 Features Google Now

Google has announced the presence of Google Android smartphone user to Assistant outside the Pixel. But yet the full Android users can sample the capabilities of the virtual assistant.
However, Google has actually embedded the capability that is not less interesting on Google Now. Unfortunately, not all users know the capabilities of the named feature Now on Tap.

1. Translate the word
This way it is very suitable for you who reluctantly put up Google Translate on the smartphone. Through this way, you can translate the phrase directly without the need to open the application.
To do this, you only mark the words translated. After that, turn on Now on Tap at Google Now by pressing the Home button for a few seconds, and the results of direct translation will be presented.
Remember not the entire text can be marked, as in chat or social media application, you can enable this feature in a manner that is somewhat different.

Simply open a page that would like to be translated, and then turn on Now on Tap and select the icon like a finger pointing. Then, choose the word you want to be brought, and the translation result appear.

2. Access shortcuts to many applications Google Now also provides access to some main application shortcuts. While on the main page of your smartphone, you just enable Now on Tap and a shortcut to create a reminder, turn on the alarm or set the timer will appear on the screen.

3. Take screenshots more easily
The different methods used to take screenshots on Android devices is pressing the Home button and volume down simultaneously. But there's actually an easier way, namely by making use of the features in Google Now.

In this way, you only select the screen that will be taken and then turn on Now on Tap. Once open, select the Share button that appears, and the screen will be automatically taken pictures of her.

4. Know the images displayed
Other functions are also rarely known is the ability to recognize images that are displayed on the screen of a smartphone. This ability is similar to the one owned by Bixby, Samsung hosts virtual assistant.

Same as before, you just enable Now on Tap when he wanted to get to know an image on the screen of a smartphone. This capability can be used on the new pictures were taken, or that are already stored in the gallery.
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