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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Useful 5 features of Android is Rarely Used

Android operating system is a full OS with access customization. So from that, many are infatuated with Android smartphones compared to other operating system phones. However, do you know? Many features of Android that you do not use even though it is very useful. True, there are many useful Android features, but you rarely use them correctly. Approximately, what are the features?

1. Android Device Manager
Did you ever lose a smartphone Android you somewhere? When you lost your mobile phone knows, surely you will be very frantic and stressful. But, if you know what Android Device Manager, you must not be too freaked out.

Android Device Manager himself made to the Android operating system 5.0 and above. By using this feature, you can find where you are devices or even can delete data crucial to security.

To use it, you live to Settings Security Administrator Device > > > enable Android Device Manager.

2. User Accounts
Don't ever feel you passenger main HP same others? You may not dong can use arbitrarily, let alone wear each application. Therefore, the advantages of Android one again it is you can add more accounts to make a new profile.

Well, later in the profile in the smartphone, you can set up and install any application without the need to change the initial settings in the account before. Unfortunately, this feature is a stop on the Android operating system 5.0 only.

To use it, you to Settings > User > select Add user. Because the Wiki using the smartphone Xiaomi, then the Wiki name to Guest Mode.

3. Screen Pinning
Sucks if someone is using your smartphone and check out every single thing that exists on your mobile phone. Therefore, you should protect it by either using the features Screen Pinning. What is it?

This feature will make the inexperienced user can only open some specific applications only. In fact, Home button, Back, and Recent was not responsive. That way you can limit the users who like the fad when open-opens smartphones you.

To use it, you to the Settings Screen Pinning > > Security and turn on that feature. Next, you open the application you want to pin, continue to press the pin icon and select Recent which is in the lower right corner.

4. Smart Lock
Sometimes, as a human being, you are still worried whether the security level Android smartphone you've been excellent or not. Well, if not, you can add a level of security through hp Smart Lock.

Yes, this is an advanced security which is the default Android. You can also customize it and set up whatever is appropriate for the use of you. So, the smartphone will be more recognize the voice, place, even the body though.

To use it, you must first turn on the lock to the mode Pattern or a Password. Then, Settings the Trusted Agents > > Smart Lock is activated. For customization, Settings > Smart Lock.

5. Notification Priority
For you who already updates or have a smartphone with Android operating system 6.0 Marshmallows, you will more freely again tinker with Android phones. This is because Google already provides more features and one of them is the Notification Priority.

What is it? When you get a notification of a particular application, then the notification priority by being in the top positions. So, you don't need to scroll the notification window to search for it.

To use it, you to Settings > Apps > select one application > select Notifications > enable Priority.

It's her five features Android is rarely used but in fact is very useful for you. Are you already using any of the features of Android smartphone on top?
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